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Mission Statement

Ka Waihona o ka Na`auao creates socially responsible, resilient and resourceful young men and women, by providing an environment of academic excellence, social confidence and cultural awareness.

Academic Tenet: We are committed to academic development of our school community through high expectations and comprehensive support.

Social Tenet: We are committed to developing social confidence and character within our school community through a clear code of ethics based on our Na Mea Waiwai.

Cultural Tenet: We are committed to honoring the values of our ancestors which will guide our students in building a strong future.

Ka Waihona o ka Na`auao will offer a schooling experience that is a viable alternative to the existing conventional public school model. Our school will be structured to be responsive to the learning styles, cultural values, and future desires of the families of our community. It will emphasize a caring collaborative environment for all persons within the school community. It will include students, teachers, parents, other staff, volunteers, and community members implementing an effective and relevant educational experience.