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Governing Board

Each public charter school of Hawaii is governed by the individual schools’ Governing Board. The Governing Board is guided by its Charter Contract. The Charter Contract is authorized by the Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission.    
It is the responsibility of the Governing Board to provide leadership and direction for the school.  The Governing Board consists of members from the community, parents, school and students.  Board members are elected by members of the designated segment, with skills and experience to assist the school in meeting it's vision and mission.  
The Governing Board acknowledges grievances and accolades regarding school incidences, events, or concerns addressed to the Governing Board Chair in writing.  If you would like an item placed on the agenda, you may contact the Governing Board Chair.  Agenda, meeting schedule, and meeting minutes are posted on the school website.  General board and committee meetings are open to the school community and public at large.  Together, the Governing Board works to create and approve school policies to provide the very best for the vision, mission and students of Ka Waihona o ka Na'auao, PCS.